Hysterical Consciousness, Saffet Murat Tura
Metis Nonfiction
Consciousness Studies
13 x 19.5 cm, 238 pp
ISBN No. 978-975-342-607-7

1st Print: April 2007
Saffet Murat Tura
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About the Author
Saffet Murat Tura is a practicing psychoanalyst, trained as a physiologist and psychiatrist. He is the founder of Imago Center for Psychotherapy in Istanbul. In addition to his scientific publications in Turkey and abroad, he has published articles on philosophy and politics. Tura is the editor of the “Listening to the Other” series in Metis, which consists of careful translations of classical psychoanalytic works. Tura has published four books: Freud’dan Lacan’a Psikanaliz (Psychoanalysis from Freud to Lacan, 1989; revised in 1996), Günümüzde Psikoterapi (Psychotherapy Today, 2001); Şeyh ve Arzu (Sheikh and Desire, 2002) and most recently Histerik Bilinç (Hysterical Consciousness, 2007).
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Günümüzde Psikoterapi (Psychotherapy Today), 2000
Şeyh ve Arzu (Sheikh and Desire), 2002
Saffet Murat Tura
Hysterical Consciousness

Histerik Bilinç

The question at the heart of this very original contribution to the field of consciousness studies is: As material bodies made up of atoms, how come we possess an inner world, inner lives, a “phenomenal consciousness”? Why are we not biological automatons? Further questions arise: Is it possible for phenomena of consciousness, such as emotions, thoughts and perceptions to have an effect on the brain’s neural activities that have physiochemical bases? Does consciousness have physical effects? That is, what kind of an organization of matter lies at the source of consciousness? Is there “free will”?
       Rather than finding answers that settle these questions once and for all, the book aims to tend to these questions as problems that can be elaborated and debated scientifically. Tura’s point of departure is the intuition that hysteria could serve as the key to the mystery of consciousness. Illustrating hysteria with reference to several case stories, Tura asks: “If the brain is indeed able to operate non-consciously and form reaction behavior without a phenomenal life, what use is there for phenomenal consciousness in terms of biological functionality?”
       Drawing on a wide range of disciplines from psychiatry to physiology, from neurology to quantum physics, the spirit of inquiry and fascination in this work of “experimental philosophy” is contagious.

The Problem of Brain-Consciousness
A Disorder of Phenomenal Consciousness: “Mysterious” Hysteria
Non-conscious and The Unconscious
Brain and its Psychology
Dim Knowledge
Experiment and Intuition

Matter and Consciousness
First Hypothesis: How is Phenomenal Consciousness Possible?
Second Hypothesis: Free Will
Third Hypothesis: Consciousness and Time
Mahmut Temizyürek, Radikal Kitap Eki, 15 June 2007
“Tura problematizes consciousness, inner life as part of the material universe. Rather than introducing science of consciousness to the Turkish reader, he offers an original contribution to the field. The issue at hand is complex indeed but the author succeeds in making it accessible to a wide readership. To this end Tura masterfully mobilizes a broad range of disciplines including philosophy, psychology, psychoanalytic theory, physics, neuroscience, physiology, biology, computer science, clinical neurology and psychiatry. ...In every page of Hysterical Consciousness we encounter a scientist who converses with his readers, guides them through his venture of thought, convinces even the amateur reader to cast aside their inhibitions and join him in this venture – a philosopher who is at once tender and daring.”

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