The Train, Engin Geçtan
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 256 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-455-8

1st Print: January 2004
2nd Print: January 2004
Engin Geçtan
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About the Author
Engin Geçtan is a practicing psychotherapist. He taught psychology at several universities in Ankara and Istanbul. Between the years 1975-1987, he wrote four psychiatry books that have a significant following outside professional readership: İnsan Olmak (Being Human), Varoluş ve Psikiyatri (Existence and Psychiatry), Normaldışı Davranışlar (Abnormal Behavior), Psikanaliz ve Sonrası (Psychoanalysis and After). Later Geçtan began working on novels and scenarios. His novels are Kırmızı Kitap (The Red Book) (The Red Book); Dersaadet’te Dans (Dance in Dersaadet); Bir Günlük Yerim Kaldı İster misiniz? (I Have Space for One Day Only, Taking?); Kızarmış Palamutun Kokusu (The Smell of Fried Bonito) (The Smell of Fried Bonito) and Tren (The Train). Drawing on his forty years of experience in psychiatry, he published Kimbilir? (Who Knows?) and Hayat (Life), books on psychiatry and contemporary life on the verge of chaos. His latest book Seyyar (Wanderer) is a thematic cross-edition of several different people’s interviews and conversations with Engin Geçtan.
Other Books from Metis
Psikodinamik Psikiyatri ve Normaldışı Davranışlar (Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Abnormal Behaviour), 1975
İnsan Olmak (Being Human), 1983
Psikanaliz ve Sonrası (Psychoanalysis and After), 1988
Varoluş ve Psikiyatri (Existence and Psychiatry) 1990
Kırmızı Kitap (The Red Book), 1993 (The Red Book), 1993
Dersaadet'te Dans (Dance in Dersaadet), 1996
Bir Günlük Yerim Kaldı İster misiniz? (I Have Space for One Day Only, Taking?), 1997
Kimbilir? (Who Knows?), 1998
Kızarmış Palamutun Kokusu (Smell of Fried Bonito), 2001 (Smell of Fried Bonito), 2001
Hayat (Life), 2002
Seyyar (Wanderer), 2005
Engin Geçtan
The Train


A train that travels on rails that appear only as the train moves, but not before or after. No locomotive, no beginning or end-wagon in sight, and the train’s destination in space or time is unknown to its passengers who live in different eras but are nevertheless on the same wagon – a beauty queen, a football star, an Istanbulite Jew, a casino owner, and others... Engin Geçtan creates an almost interactive novel with an intricate fantasy-world where quantum physics, Sufi philosophy, the thesis of holographic universe, circular time, chaos theory, paganism, the realm of the unconscious, soul migration, parallel universe theory and great irony are summoned – not for a definitive answer, but rather for further questions on the meaning of life.
Ümran Kartal, Radikal Kitap Eki, 6 February 2004
"A staggering, unpredictable, ironic and phantasmagoric novel. Once you’re done reading this book you will have to accept that you are another person, that something in you has changed forever, and moreover, you will have to come to terms with not understanding what exactly it is that changed in you. The novel demands that you take the risk of wandering in several universes at once, or in other words, it requires of you the ability to dance on slippery ground, constantly testing your limits – to what extent can you endure open-ended processes?"
Tufan Erbarıştıran, Cumhuriyet Kitap Eki, 17 June 2004
"The text introduces a new structure in terms of plot, narrative, action and the concept of time. If the integrity, motifs, style, figures and characters are deployed as in a chess-game, the collaboration between the reader and the author will yield a new version of the text, the same text can acquire new openings/meanings. Geçtan undertakes this difficulty (which is indeed a risk for an author), breaks the text with ‘soft touches’, bends it, restarts it, often displaces its characters and figures and most importantly prompts the readers to constantly ask new questions."

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