Har, Murat Uyurkulak
Metis Fiction
13 x 19.5 cm, 256 pp
ISBN No. 975-342-550-3

1st Print: February 2006
2nd Print: February 2006
Murat Uyurkulak
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About the Author
Murat Uyurkulak was born in 1972 in Aydın. A university dropout, Uyurkulak worked as a waiter, technician, translator, journalist and publisher. His first novel Tol was published in 2002. It was received with wide critical acclaim, immediately establishing him as a new and powerful voice in contemporary Turkish literature. Tol was adapted for the theater and has enjoyed a long and successful run. It is currently being translated to German to be published by Unionsverlag in 2008. His second novel Har was published in 2006.
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Murat Uyurkulak
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Har: Bir Kıyamet Romanı

"There is no fantastical dimension to Har. This country and this planet with their suffering, oppressions, injustices and obsessions are fantastic enough already. Perhaps all I did was to try and transform that fantasy into some sort of reality in Har. In a country where 12-year-old children are shot with thirteen bullets and stigmatized as ‘terrorists’, where civil servants who wouldn’t accept a kilo of onions for fear of bribery are clubbed by the police in city squares while big time murderers and thieves are considered to be heroes, and in a world where what’s happening is at least as bizarre as these, I would flop at creating fantasy."
– Murat Uyurkulak

A sharp allegorical fantasy brimming with irony, Har narrates the stories of those who fail to forget in a land where no one remembers the past. These hidden heroes of the novel, the "crooked," are so by virtue of the many blows they received from history: war (civil war), poverty, belatedness, earthquake, population exchange…
       The second novel by the author of Tol which won wide critical acclaim, Har has been received with similar enthusiasm.
Nazan Maksudyan, Virgül, July-August 2006
"In a sense, Murat Uyurkulak’s novel has refreshing bits of hope. As the masters sleep comfortably thinking that they incinerated all the crazy ones, a soft lullaby interrupts in the darkest, quietest night…"
Aysel Sağır, Cumhuriyet Kitap Eki, 10 August 2006
"Each section in the novel begins with a quote from an Anatolian elegy, and we soon realize that the novel itself is a sort of elegy. We begin to understand that even though a generation only learns about what the previous generation has gone through by ‘eavesdropping’ and not via books, what has happened a long time ago still holds power over the lives of individuals today."

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